Welcome to Rethink June.

We are taught that we are to wait until the first on January to change something about our life.
"New Year, New Me."
I, however, disagree with this. To me, any moment on any date is the perfect opportunity to make a change in how you are living.
June, to me personally, has been a time that my life has changed on multiple occasions. To give just a few examples: In June 2013 my daughter was born, June 2014 I received my High School Diploma, June 2015 my son was born and we moved into our house. Now I am excited to see what June 2016 has in store for my life.
I will be sharing special moments from the past years, current happenings, and continue to share on through the future, and yes, this blog will be more than just the month of June.
To me June is the start of a new beginning. Come join me in this adventure we call life. Nothing will be played up, the is all going to be a uniquely candid documentation of a real life family.

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